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Different FINA points when printing besttimes

Posted: 05 Aug 2017, 17:57
by jeroend81
When I make an overview of a person best times (via Reports, Personal bests, print list) and I set the season, for example, to 1-9-2016 / 31-8-2017 you get the average of FINA points on the 5 strokes. You get points at the beginning of the period and at the end. But here comes the funny thing.

You would expect that the points at 1-9-16 are equal to the points of 31-8-16, since there is one day apart.
But with some swimmers, there will be generated different points averages. Can anyone explain this?

See an example in the links below. One with points from 1-9-16 to 31-8-17 and with a season before. ... 015-16.pdf ... 016-17.pdf

Re: Different FINA points when printing besttimes

Posted: 09 Aug 2017, 10:27
by chk
not 100% sure why this happens. Did you use the same FINA points for both prints? Please send a backup of your team.mdb file to and I'll check it out.

cu ckh